“Time For a New Place?”

The Right Agency LLC

Standing out in a world of Stand Outs.

james-pond-191266.jpgPhoto byJames Pond

The competitive nature of the real estate market has attracted an influx of equally-competitive niche marketing businesses seeking to provide agents with all sorts of tools, ideas, and materials to make them stand out from the rest.

Similar to the idea that “College degrees are the new high school degrees,” real estate agents and the niche marketers competing for their business have reached a turning point where these strategies are less effective at making an agent stand out, and instead are becoming baseline necessities for agents to maintain their footing in the real estate landscape at all.

You need an Instagram. A Facebook. A Twitter. A LinkedIn. A Website. A Blog.
You need to create and post engaging content.
You need to optimize your website for search engine visibility and mobile compatibility.
You need to engage with followers…

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Author: Katt Wagner

Brand Ambassador, Social Media Marketing, Artist and Promotions Manager, Oh, and President of a Real Estate ISA company called The Right Agency. Future Licensee.

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