“We’re Waiting Until Spring” – Why You Should Sell Your Home During Winter.

New content I wrote for both people in the market to sell their home, and the agents that might be assisting them!

The Right Agency LLC

We’re still recovering from the holidays; the weather’s terrible; the kids are back in school for the second half of the year; nobody’s looking to buy right now:

We just want to wait until Spring.

It’s that time of year again, where potential sellers go into hibernation and agents are afraid to snap them out of it.   As an agent, how can you approach and address these objections in a way that keeps a potential client’s best interests at the forefront? And for sellers, what are the advantages of listing now instead of waiting?

The most obvious advantage to listing in the winter is that others, for the same reasons listed above, are not motivated to sell. Less houses on the market will mean greater demand for the houses that are listed.

Not only will demand for your house be higher, but with fewer options cluttering the MLS and agents…

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Author: Katt Wagner

Brand Ambassador, Social Media Marketing, Artist and Promotions Manager, Oh, and President of a Real Estate ISA company called The Right Agency. Future Licensee.

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