Timeless Advice from Calvin and Hobbes

The Right Agency LLC

A friendly reminder not to set a seller’s expectations too high! Keep it realistic with your client! If the price they want to hear is too high, explain to them the benefits of pricing it appropriately. Many realtors make false promises to sellers about how much they can get their home sold for, but kindly explain to your client that those are usually the listings that expire with no real activity. If a client’s priority is netting the most money for their home, overpricing is not the only option and it certainly isn’t the logical option. Instead, help your client understand how much money they would be spending on mortgage payments and taxes should they list their property for months and months at a price that won’t get it sold, vs how much they would save if the price was right and sold overnight. Show them the value behind the…

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Author: Katt Wagner

Brand Ambassador, Social Media Marketing, Artist and Promotions Manager, Oh, and President of a Real Estate ISA company called The Right Agency. Future Licensee.

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