A Circular Perspective on Recent Gun Control Debates

I was just thinking the other day about the response to incidents involving innocent people [unarmed black men] dying at the hands of police officers, and how more and more frequently it is becoming normalized as “Well if he didn’t ________, he wouldn’t have been shot.”

As if any of the possible blanks in these scenarios should ever warrant a death sentence.

And then, I question why the abnormally high rate of gun violence by law enforcement is never part of the gun control debate.

How can we as a society scrutinize video games, music, TV shows, etc for normalizing a culture of gun violence every time a tragedy involving guns occurs, but never consider the cultural impact made when we continuously allow authority figures — the ones we are told are best trained to use their guns — to grossly abuse their power in the form of gun violence?

And then my mind wanders to Reagan’s push for gun control in reaction to the Black Panthers’ arming themselves… I wonder, as I usually do, whose side some of these anti-gun, 1%-er politicians are really on.