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My journey from leaving a deadend job to six-figures as an entrepreneur.

I’m somewhere inbetween “Fired from my deadend job” and “Six-figures from my own business.”  After losing a day job I was at my wit’s end with anyway, I finally had the time to step-up my freelance work as a social media marketer and artist and promotions manager. Three months ago, I joined with two colleagues to create a Real Estate ISA company called The Right Agency, which is projected to break 5-figures in monthly revenue for January! In my free time, I’m planning the launch of My streetwear startup, Streetcharm. My plate is constantly full, and I’ve never felt so driven!

I’m a work in progress and I’ll be tumbling along as I get where I’m going and beyond. I’d love to connect with motivated and inspirational people, as well as people who might need some inspiration themselves!

🍻 to self-improvement, entrepreneurship, and living for you!




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